Welcome to, a fork of Simply Jekyll!

I used Obsidian for the last 6 months, to keep track of all of the things I was learning while pivoting my career from Economics to Data Science.

200 notes later, I felt that my Obsidian space was getting cramped and I began to yearn for a way to access my notes everywhere. Simply-Jekyll appeared as the most satisfactory tool on the web, as I needed wikilinks, search, LateX, and code highlighting.

A little bit of dev work and polishing was need to make it compatible with my Obsidian notes. However, the template is now mature enough, so go on an give it a try!How to setup this site
This is going to be a super simple post about how to setup and use this theme for your own website.

Setup Prerequisites

For this tutorial, we’ll need to install a few things on your machine (you may have some of these already). Following the instructions on each website to install them.


You’ll also need to create accounts on the following services: